Our Mission


We give females the confidence they seek in order to achieve success and abundance. Our vision is to provide support, connection, trust, inspiration and leadership skills. Through our workshops, we continually beautify communities while creating personal human connections to support empowering the world. We believe anything you can dream will flourish with hard work and perseverance.


Our Mission

Founded in April of 2015, Hey There Beautiful Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-for-profit empowering woman and young girls to achieve their life goals through education, motivation, self-awareness & self-development.

Our Impact

We believe every woman and young girl deserves to feel connection, trust, support, empowerment and love. Every woman and young girl is a magical powerful being that is worthy of the life of her dreams. 

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Our Events

Our initiative is to continue to raise awareness of the need to support the empowering and the self-esteem of women and young girls. Our personalized workshops supports ages 10 and up. Hey There Beautiful inspires women and young girls to live their dreams while strengthening family ties and empowering the world. 

We customize every detail of our workshops for grade, middle and high schools, universities, businesses, non-profit organizations and much more.


Hey There Beautiful Testimonials

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"“My chance meetings with Ms. Dailisha Rodriguez was exactly that, chance.  I had no idea that we would embark on an amazing educational, social-emotional journey.  Ms. Dailisha Rodriguez is providing an essential component to the families and her organization has facilitated pertinent people skills that are necessary.  This building blocks are not only our parents but their children, their schools, and their communities.  She is fostering the necessary tools that we all should foster.  The skill set she is implementing builds kindness, confidence, empathy and establishes a positive foundation to build relationships."" 
Delci Rodriguez –United Federation of Teachers, Parent Community Liasion



"After the, Hey There Beautiful launch at William E. Grady High School, our weekly young women’s empowerment group doubled! During the opening reflection, one of our young ladies stated: “When Dailisha was working with us, I realized I don’t just want this, I need this. We all do.” Another added: “Self worth is the key.” And lastly: “As girls and women we need to build trust and be strong together.” 
Dailisha, thank you for embracing our girls and inspiring them to rise to the next level. In gratitude & warmth. 

Kristen Brookes, RDT, LCAT Counselor, William E. Grady High School